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It's amazing what a holiday and the cheerfulness of warmer weather can do -- look at my pantry!  The other half is just as orderly.

I remember some time ago Lea writing of hiding in the pantry for a brief moment of quiet during a party at her house.  With mine looking so nice I reckon I'll be happy to take refuge here when we have a 100 or so people from our city church here for lunch tomorrow.

"The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in time of trouble."  Psalm 9:9

Whom have we, Lord, in heaven but Thee?
Like ships safe moored on stormy sea,
We hold by Thee, and with Thee there
Find anchorage for faith and prayer.


  1. And I thought I was a paragon of organisation! This is a sight to behold.

    Good luck with your luncheon ... you are a brave woman, gungadin!

  2. I know that I shouldn't be jealous, but your pantry is beautiful! I don't have a pantry...only kitchen cabinets. How I would love to have one. Good luck with your lunch tomorrow! Wish I could be there. Carla

  3. That's my dream pantry, Joan.

  4. what a delightful place to be able to hide for a brief respite ...

  5. wow! i am in awe of your refuge of order.
    i was bragging about my office. my pantry
    is a disgrace!

    yours, however, is ready for any battle
    known to man! i pray you can have SOME
    fun for all your work.

    well done, hero of mine.

  6. Wanna come over and do mine?
    Have fun tomorrow, brave lady.

  7. i just heard about the terrible flooding
    in australia. have you been affected
    by this?

  8. Lea, the current floods are to the North of us and earlier on they were to the west of us so we are fine. We have a lot of family members in Queensland where the major flooding is currently happening (because this is where Ian and I originally came from) but at this point none of their homes are at risk.

    I just checked my old home town and the highway is closed because the creek is up but the height at this moment doesn't seem too bad ... I suspect that some of the school buildings will be flooding at this level as happened back in the early 1970s.

    However there is more rain falling and the extent is spreading daily.

  9. QLD is madness at the moment. I had a quick chat on FB with Pierre this arvo. I am trying to understand how a dam that is 150% full still has capacity.

    This night coming is a crucial one for many folk, I fear.

    Go on ... do a series on house names. I was thinking of a whole new concept about houses/names in Paddo. We could compare. I suspect mine will be more working class than yours ... although yours will be weatherboard and mine brick.

    How did lunch go yesterday?

  10. Wish mine would look that nice! :-)

  11. 100 people for lunch??? How did it go? Your pantry is just wonderful - and very calming for the mind,in the midst of getting our heads around the crazy weather happenings and flooding in Queensland -makes me want to hide in that pantry. All hard to believe isn't it.

  12. i too am in awe.. a job well done!!

  13. What!!!!
    100 people!!
    My oh my that is a neat pantry.
    Reminds me of my Mums.
    I can only dream of being that tidy.
    Bit partial to tea I see.
    Do you like Lapsang Souchong?

  14. Letty, well spotted but it is hubby Ian who drinks the tea. I don't drinK either tea or coffee, can't stand the taste. I look at all those lovely teas and wish I could enjoy them. I even tried to train myself to like the taste but quickly gave up gain.

    Ian says his favourite is the Blue Mountains blend from the tea shop in Katoomba. And yes he likes Lapsang Souchong, always black with no sugar.

  15. Haha! I tried to do the same thing and train myself to like wine.
    It just didn't work.


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