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Ain't love grand - part 2

Remember the pig I posted on Valentine's Day. This year a new gift arrived about that time ... meet Talbot my ride-on mower.    It seems my beloved has taken pity on me getting hot and bothered doing the mowing. And with Clandulla that task has quadrupled.

"The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure."  Deut 28:12


  1. Is one allowed to say 'fairly' unique?

    This would have to be a fairly unique VD gift. Onya Ian!!

    I am trying to work out why 'Talbot' ...

    a literary sheep, or goat ... or maybe pig ... ???

    I guess if Letty can have a Mini-minor named 'Clarrie', Joan can have a ride on mower named 'Talbot'.

    I will have to 'christen' my secateurs.

  2. gifts come in many different forms ...

  3. Oh you lucky, lucky thing!
    That's my kind of valentine's day gift!

  4. Yes I thought of you Letty naming things so mine needed a name too. It is named after the painter who is in painting the last of the rooms at the moment.

    Initially I felt a little embarrassed to have such a thing but using it changed my mind completely. I now feel like a lucky, lucky thing..


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