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There is the whisper of the change of season in the air.  Ginger flowers coming out.  Misty rain. And crisp new apples in the supermarket.

"It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord."  Lam. 3:26


  1. The apples look so inviting. Enjoy your change of seasons. I'm sure enjoying mine. The sun is shining and the air is finally warmer. Carla

  2. nothing better than sweet, crisp
    fall apples!

  3. Very cool composition. Love the piece of furniture in the background.

  4. one of my favorite ways to display autumn's apple that nice size bowl!!

  5. Elk, it is actually a punch bowl but that doesn't stop me using it for better purpose :-)

  6. You are lucky to get crisp apples from the super market. I must admit the apples are good at the moment. I have found a new local green grocer and his stuff and service is good.

  7. I agree with JM - I think we might need a better look at that piece of furniture.

    Yesterday we had our very first apple from our tree.
    It was snowy white inside and super crisp and tart.

  8. Letty, I showcased those drawers a long time ago early in this blog at

    Fruit from your own trees ... I'm jealous ... thinking of planting some fruit trees out at Whistler's Rest when I get my act together.


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