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The screech of Black Cockatoos becomes familiar at this time of year.  They love to feast on the pine cones.  

I also think of my Dad at this time of year.  He loved Bunya nuts. Bunyas are a native pine local to the area where we lived. They fruit in February with giant pine cones that contain large pine nuts.  I think the nuts taste dry and awful but Dad loved them boiled in the corned meat water.

Wherefore come out from among them ... I will receive you and become a Father unto you" 2 Cor 6:17-18


  1. what a sweet memory of your dad.

    today, mine had an emergency surgery
    to place in a pacemaker. i shed many
    tears before and a few after he came
    out wonderfully safe and sound.

  2. Bunya nuts soaked in the water from corned beef ...

    Now THAT is a unique taste-bud that your old Da had. I agree. I like the memory.

    And I like the photograph.

  3. Cockatiels love the pine cones on the little pine trees in my front yard. They sure do make a mess!

  4. Bunya nuts!
    Now that's a memory.
    Mum used to cook them in salty water too!
    I haven't had them in years.

    There's photo on Poof of my sister and I in the Bunya Mountains.

  5. Letty, I love that pic of you and your sister at the Bunyas. I also have good childhood memories of being there in addition we spent our wedding night at the old guesthouse and for our 25th wedding anniversary camped there for a week.

  6. I didn't know you could eat them. Old traditions are fun to hear and wonder at.

  7. this feels like a collage with all of the rich textures and colors ..and memories


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