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In all places

The virginia creeper has been creeping even more aggressively this year.  Over the next month it will be getting ready to turn red.

I am with thee and will keep the in all places though goest.  Gen 28:15

Trusting as the moments fly
Trusting as the days go by
Trusting him whate'er befall
Trusting Jesus that is all


  1. I don't know that one. I like the lichen too.

  2. It is hard to believe that you are getting ready to experience fall color when we are reading ourselves for spring. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Carla

  3. A whole wall of my parents' house was covered with this vine. It was gorgeous at the end of the summer.

  4. i have this in my yard too .. it is still daughter was excited by her job and referred to Gen. 28 :16 today

  5. gorgeous greens. i am looking forward
    to seeing it turn red. what an extraordi-
    nary event for a lush green plant to
    change colors and what a benevolent
    Creator to imagine it!

  6. Like this!

    You will show us again once it turns red, pretty please.


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