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Rain coming

It's been wet outside, alternating between mist and thundering rain. It is common for it to be wet in March in the mountains. I just checked and thus far this month it has been just a little bit wetter than average.  We have been happy to stay inside in the dry and warm while Ian rests his arm which is slowly improving .. thank your for your kind thoughts and prayers.

The birds on the window sill remind me of a bird I saw in the tree ferns the other day ... a Fuscous Honeyeater I think. I have been noticing it in the garden of recent months but this is the first time I saw it close enough to identify. Sadly I didn't have my camera at the ready.

"The Lord shall guide the continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought" Isa 58:11


  1. i so love a beautiful window ..and this is ~ blessings

  2. So glad that you an Ian are safe and dry in your beautiful home. I could sit all day and enjoy the view from that window. Glad Ian's arm is improving. Carla

  3. such a pretty view through your window ...

  4. thank you for treating us to "a room with
    a view." i'm so glad to hear that ian's
    arm is starting to mend.


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