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I have picked some of these ginger flowers and their fragrance is wafting through my home.  Have a blessed Sunday my friends.

"The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him"  Deut 33:12


  1. I have never seen these but i imagine the fragrance is lovely ..i have missed your garden lately

  2. what a sight! they must smell heavenly ...

  3. Have a blessed Sunday! Enjoy the sweet fragrance. Carla

  4. mmmmh, imagining the fragrance of

    hope you had a fun hike on your warm
    autumn day!

  5. You can see these here in parks and gardens but they are not blooming anymore. This composition is lovely.

  6. They're lovely.
    I wonder if they would grow done here?
    Do you know if these are the ones that we get the edible ginger root from?
    I LOVE ginger.
    Just having a nice cold ginger beer this moment after coming in hot from the garden.

  7. There are so many ginger plants, mine have different flower and not spikes like those beauties. I had to cut my ginger plant back off a pathway. The smell of the cut leaves was delicious.

  8. Letty, these are not the type with an edible root. I think those have a purple flower. I am fairly sure they would grown down your way ... around here they are considered a weed.

    Diane, mind are in need of a good cut back this year, the clumps are getting huge.


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