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Wait and see

My sister-in-law says they will ripen. I will wait and see.

"Be ye also patient ... for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh." James 5:8


  1. i think they will matter though, I love the way they look in the windowsill

  2. They might. They do look like decorations and I love the bokeh out the window.

  3. I bet they do! :-) Lovely composition.

  4. I'm sure they will! I just spent a few minutes catching up on your posts. I love the picture of the walnut leaves. Great shot. Enjoy your changing season. Carla

  5. My tomatoes are all finished... Love the muted greens here.

  6. Oh I just learned about ripening tomatoes.
    It's not the direct sun that ripens them that might make them go yuk - it is the temperature - it has to be over 25c.
    So take them off the windowsill and put them somewhere warm in the house.
    It works.
    I pick mine just as they start to get the slightest bit of colour and put them in the cupboard close to the stove.
    (although those ones you have do look VERY green).
    I read about it here:

  7. HI Letty,

    These are on the south side of the house so not in the sun. This is also the area of the house beautifully warmed by our new pot belly stove ... I doubt as high as 25C but still quite warm.

    I saw varying reports on the web as to how pink/green they need to be to be able to ripen off the vine. I agree some of these might be too green but several of them are obliging by going red already.

  8. I hope they ripen. At first glance, I thought they must be green apples. No matter, they are lovely by the window.

  9. If not, they still provide a touch of beauty.


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