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As our friends in the northern hemisphere welcome spring I can see the potential of spring even before the autumn leaves are fallen.  I find calm and reassurance in the cycle of the seasons.

"Thou shall ... be lead forth with peace."   Isaiah 55:2

Each day, as our time rolls on
Thus by trusting, watching, praying
We shall find the promised blessing
Daily strength till Jesus come.


  1. It is hard to see and feel the change in seasons up hear but not as bad as the 7 years that I lived in P/NG where it was perpetual summer.

  2. Two seasons in one! Isn't this amazing?

  3. i so agree with you ..calm reassurance...we have trees here that do not lose their leaves until the new buds push them off

  4. there is such peace in the seasons and
    hope in the future. what a lovely way
    to display that.

  5. Wonderful colors in your photo and in your words that remind us of the cycle of life.

  6. Trying to think of what this is ... ahha ... a magnolia.


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