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Home fires

A load of wood dumped under the cherry tree to keep the home fires burning during the cool and damp weather.  We are both feeling a little wonky in the bones right now so they might lie here a while longer.

"Thou remainest .... thou are the same"  Hebrews 1:11:12

Yes, thou remainest ever present Friend.
Tis on thy strength our weakness must depend.


  1. Love both colours and textures.

  2. I just took a few moments to catch up on your blog. It looks like your temperatures are getting cooler while ours are rising! Stay warm my friend! Carla

  3. a cozy fire waits for your autumn days ...

  4. "wonky in the bones?" doesn't sound
    good. get some rest and dring lots of
    fluids, and read a GREAT book!

  5. We've got the wonkies too. Lovely colours in the autumn shot. I had to put on a sweater this week the first time since summer.

  6. such a gift to share your peaceful photos ..this looks like a painting~

  7. I like that word 'wonky'. Like the colours and shapes and the hodge-podge-ness of this image.


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