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Missed it

I  have shown you Rosellas several times before, that's because they are easy to photograph.  The red breasted robin is quite a different matter.  I've been keeping my eye out for them making their annual visit to the garden and have been thrilled to see one twice but didn't have my camera to the ready on either occasion.

"Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, yet your heavenly father feedeth them." Matt 6:26


  1. What an incredibly colored bird.

  2. Awesome bird I'm not familiared with. The colours in this photo are fantastic.

    Reagrding your question:
    It's not the case of the palace I posted yesterday but the truth is some buildings remain 'abandoned' for such a long time that entire panels are stollen before restoration even starts. It's a shame! The (gorgeous) Tile Museum is full of rescued pieces but you can find lots of tiles from different centuries in antique shops for sale (I have some but they are just Art Nouveau, not really old). The illegal antique trading is a major problem here and most of the antiquities are sold abroad.

  3. Love the rosella, but the 2007 shot of the red-breasted robin is gorgeous. Never seen one at all before. I would think one notch on your belt should suffice.

  4. The Rosella and the robin are beautiful. I don't agree with Matthew. Birds can sow seeds. Their droppings contain seeds which grow under the trees in my garden, like umbrella trees.( Just to be perverse)

  5. Grin Diane - you are so right. I am sure those blackberries out at the rest were not planted - sown by birds for sure.

  6. lovely angle on this one ..happy to see it!!


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