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Stepping out

Its been very damp as you can see from the haze of mossy green on the sandstone steps and the leaves being stripped from the trees and glued to the stone by raindrops even before they have a chance to change colour properly.

He shall pluck my feet out the net.   Psalm 25:15


  1. But incredibly pretty. I like this very much. I worked very hard yesterday and moved everything around in my courtyard. Know how one used to move everything around in the living room when suffering depression ... that was me yesterday, but in the courtyard. It looks so different. Might get some wet shots today and show you all (y'all).

  2. goodness. did they fall like that?

    i adore that scripture. well, i feel that
    way about all scripture!

  3. The same thing happens here the trees seem to shed their leaves overnight

  4. Oh wow - I love this photo!
    I especially love the long leaf with burgundy colours near the stick.

    This photo reminds me of mulled wine - even though I have never had mulled wine in my life before.

  5. What a beautiful fabric this could be!

  6. so pretty .. such a variety of a painting

  7. seems so strange to be on the opposite sides of the seasons ...


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