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I've been a bit short on posting ... a combination of busy work weeks and spending the weekends out at Whistlers Rest making the most of the mild weather to get the cleaning up tasks done.  But more work awaits me at home this weekend.  Most of the leaves have now fallen so time to sweep and do the final  mow before letting the garden settle into its winter sleep.

"He led them through the depths that they stumbled not."   Isaiah 63:13


  1. I have been sweeping sweeping ever since I returned from Paris on 30 April. Three times per week. And trimming, replanting. Walking the streets looking for useful containers in dunny lanes. Small wooden boxes. Square plastic crates. Cracked discarded pots. Gardening is wonderful therapy I am finding ...

  2. I like that verse coupled with your photo ...

  3. Thanks Susan,

    Julie, if you wait until all the leaves have fallen you only have to sweep once!! But as you have been going through a rough time I'm glad garden therapy has been doing its job.


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