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More troubles

Oh dear, the limb of the wattle tree should not be leaning on the neighbour's house.  Just another distraction as we try to get things back in order.  Fortunately the tree man came promptly, cut down the tree and removed the fallen limb gently so there was no damage to their home.  It was already half gone when I took this shot,  sad because I was eagerly anticipating its flowers next month.

"Though I walk in the midst of trouble, Thou shalt revive me."  Psalm 138:7


  1. How come did the lean start? Windy and wet of late? It is not a very thick tree .... was ...

  2. You are a good neighbor! I am sure God will bless you! Carla

  3. It was a multi-trunk tree and water had caused it to rot at the base and fall over. Two of the other trunks had already been removed by the time I took this shot.

  4. oh so glad no damage to the house ..know you will miss those lovely blossoms!!

  5. oops.
    Wow - it rotted at the base?

    Now you get to pick a new tree!
    What about one of those grafted flowering gums - some only grow to 3 mts.

  6. They come in threes I hear...hope it's just a lightly stubbed toe.


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