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Snow flakes

It was snowing in the mountains earlier this week.  I missed out yet again as it was one of my work in the city days.  At least these little snow flakes brightening the winter garden hung around for me to get home.

"If we suffer, we shall also reign with him." 2 Timothy 2:12


  1. Just saw your winter daphne and snowflake. Such a welcome sight on a day where the heat index has been 105 F. I know that this too shall pass. Thanks for the reminder! Carla

  2. Such delicate little beauties ...

  3. lovely photos of snowdrops!

    i thought of you today as i drove past
    the gothic scientific community in
    crested butte, colorado. i remembered
    you saying you lived in colorado back
    in the day.

  4. They're just so precious we get them here as well.

  5. The way you have composed this emphasises their fragility.

  6. Hi Lea, I worked for a Colorado based company so visited often but I did not live there. I were to live in the US I reckon it would be top of my list,


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