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Daffodils naturalised at the feet of a birch trees, an iconic spring image.

"He will keep the feet of his saints." 1 Samuel 2:9


  1. Knowing these are down there is a really really good excuse for now mowing all the time!

  2. I love daffodils but they don't like my garden

  3. Diane, I know jonquils are the poor cousin of daffodils but I think they would grow OK in Brissie, the other alternative is to treat them as an annual. I think they would flower provided you chill them for a few weeks in the fridge. On the other hand it just might be easier to pick flowers up at the shop ;-)

    Julie, that is actually why I don't have them extensively planted in the lawn because it takes weeks for their leaves to die down and the grass gets really really straggly before it can be cut.

  4. It looks a lot like here in the spring.

  5. NO one captures lovelier green than you!
    your daffodils are gorgeous, too.

  6. so green ..its a great spot for them!!


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