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Twists and turns

Winam commented that it has felt a lot like spring over the past two weeks, and it has, but I knew not to get  too excited. Here in the mountains we will have a couple more months of twists and turns in the weather before we can begin to think of consistent warmth.

I was right to prepare myself, after a bit of rain and the temperature has plummeted.  I am feeling quite cold tonight despite sitting on top of the fire.

"I will make darkness light before them and crooked things straight." Isaiah 42:16


  1. They look rather chilly in the rain.

  2. but daffodils surely signal the beginning
    of spring! i look forward to more of
    your beautiful spring photos, even if
    the weather is still chilly.

    our state broke the heat record of any
    state in the union EVER for july! it is
    of small comfort. some battles you
    want to lose.

  3. happy to be in your lovely garden today ~~ the green and yellow so refreshing

  4. Spring always has a way of fooling us, doesn't it? I love the of my favorite flowers. Carla

  5. Great series over the last few days.

  6. Maybe it was a bit premature of me to think spring had truly sprung now that's turned cold again... but I swear that it was warmer than a fortnight ago before the warm patch!


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