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The bird hunt continues.  You can see the blossom has all but gone but there is still much of interest to spot from my desk. This lovely creature is a King Parrot.  I saw a Brown Cuckoo-Dove in the tree last week but as I was in the middle of a conference call so could not catch it with my camera.   It was nonetheless  very exciting as it is the first time I have seen one in my garden.

"And the Lord will deliver the from every evil work." 2 Tomothy 4:18


  1. seems so amazing that these birds are right outside your window ..what a stunning color!!

  2. Is this a female or an immmature do you reckon. They are stunning, I agree.

    The brown cuckoo-dove might come back. Here's hoping. I saw them up at O'Reillys.

  3. I am thinking immature, it is quite small

  4. That's a really lovely king parrot. Don't see any of those on the coast.

  5. Awesome! Wish I have this colourful beauties flying around my house too.

  6. Winam, there is a good chance that they are in the wooded areas of the coast. Listen for their high pitched whistle, it is distinctive.

    Jose and Elk, I never cease to feel the privilege of sharing the world with such beauty.


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