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More birdies

This week the silver-eyes were visiting the garden en-masse.  They migrate through the garden twice a year, in the autumn when the maple leaves are in colour and in the spring when their new leaf unfolds.

"Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid."  Matt:14:27


  1. Now birds of this size are my favourites! They are so small, that when one is 'captured' it is an achievement of note.

    Noted ...

  2. I do have a chance with these because the house is up in the canopy of the trees, provided they get into a spot that is free of leaves.

    There were also dozens of them darting about which improved the odds.

  3. it looks like a painting WOW ..stunning!!

  4. Oh how wonderful!
    I love little silvery eyes.
    You're very good at catching birds - I'm hopeless at it.

  5. Love this shot of the Silvereye - captivating!


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