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Heads up

How welcome the sunshine is after the bursts of rain that have been making all the flowers look very bedraggled.  But new ones lift their heads ready to smile  .. and my face lifts and smiles too.

Summer starts tomorrow, maybe the sun will shine a little more.

"For in the He Himself hath suffered being tempted. He is able to succour them that are tempted." Hebrews 2:18


  1. so happy for your sunshine. it has been
    glorious up here today, too.

    i loved the sewing story about your mom.
    sometimes a mom just has to do what a
    mom has to do!

  2. So fun to come and find summer here!

  3. Summer starts tomorrow...I'm coming to visit you! It is cold and dreary here! Carla

  4. They are looking happily at the sun. I am enjoying listening to the rain tonight. It is not too hard yet. We needed it badly so it is very welcome even on the first day of summer.


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