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Summer Delights

The calendar has ticked over to summer.  The weather may be confused but the flowers aren't.

After a beautiful warm sunny day yesterday it's rainy and cold again today.  I'm sitting by a cosy fire this evening.

"For I will turn their mourning into joy and will comfort them." Jer 31:13


  1. I love your reflection of the day.

  2. I just watched the soccer in Kogarah (on TV) and the spectators were all rugged up like on a winter's day. My wonderful team were beaten today by SydneyFC the first time Brisbane have been beaten in 37 games and 15 months.

  3. The shops down here are full of pink hydrangea at the moment. Very tempting ...

  4. Oh, how I miss my hydrangeas! Enjoy your summer! I so love to see your posts. Carla

  5. The title makes me envy you now! :-)

  6. oh how lovely !! so nice to see it from where I am ..winter!


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