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I used to have a lot more fuchsias in my garden.  They are quite hardy but the drought knocked them back.  This one survived and flowers at this time of year, making my heart dance.

When I first met fushias
Feminine needlecraft flourished when I was a child. A good country woman could embroider, knit crochet, sew clothes, mend and darn.   While I was trained to be nimble with a needle I could only sigh at the neat dainty stitches of Nana, Mum, my smiling aunts and big sister.

Starting on a pristine new piece, I dreamed that this would be beautifully realistic and one day adorn the duchess.

"What are these flowers?" I asked Mum.

"Fushias," she said.  "They are very pretty flowers that don't grow much up here." Such things were always said with a wistfulness that signalled that she too was dreaming ... of her old life 'back home' in Melbourne where unlike Queensland there were seasons, sisters and city delights.

The fuchsias lie unfinished in my needlework box. Fondling them today my fingers itch to fill in their bright colours. I dream on.

Nana sitting on the back step in the sunshine knitting.

Ephesians 3:20 The Message
"God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us."


  1. These look like such happy, delicate little dancers.

  2. soft pink the verse with the boom ~ hope you are enjoying your garden..I sure am!!

  3. Fuchias have always eluded me. Not the liking of them, but the growing of them. I need a southern side, but have nought.

  4. Beautiful! Fuchsias are also called Princess' Earrings here.

  5. I too dream when I see these! So glad that one survived! Carla

  6. I was first introduced to these flowers by my mum, and when I see them I think of her and being in Bundanoon at a Fuchia nursery.

  7. JM ... what a wonderful name!

    Jo ... it is lovely to hear when you first met the flowers. I'd love to hear from others if they also have memories of meeting the flowers I show.

    Happy dreaming to all of your going into the depths of winter.

  8. Ahha ... both images are displaying for this post. Going through them all may not be possible until after 2nd February.

    That is your mother's mother, yes? My mother knitted and crocheted, but not particularly well. She would drop stitches in her knitting and only put a part of it back. She was a left hander, and trying to learn how to crochet with her was impossible. Besides, it really is not my thing. But I do admire it.

    Do people ever sit on the steps in the sun any more? I suspect we only now sit on twee little garden arrangements bought at great expense at landscaping stores in Queen St Woollahra.

  9. Yes Mum's Mum. I've been thinking all day about sitting on steps versus garden furniture. Without heating or cooling those steps were a popular place, to sit in the sun or the cool depending on the time of day and much more used than any garden furniture would ever be because they were at the hub of things ... at the bottom of them was the laundry and the loo, at the top of them the kitchen. A great place to sit and talk.


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