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Lead me

The tall stemmed agapanthus are now beginning to flower all around the garden.  Most are blue but we have this growing clump of white ones beside the house.

Psalm 43:3 New International Version.
"Send me your light and your faithful care,
let them lead me;
let them bring me to your holy mountain,
to the place where you dwell."

I have decided to participate in the weekly Psalm challenge sponsored by Robert at Daily Athens Photo.


  1. I love agapanthus and wish I had some in my garden. The neighbour used to propagate them but he has left but there are still plenty in that garden. One day I may ask to separate one.

  2. Those are beautiful white agapanthas. We see lots of the lavender ones here.

  3. I am so enjoying seeing your beautiful flowers. Hope you are having a wonderful new year! Carla

  4. I love the mix of the mauve and the white. I love aggies - except when people delight in flipping off their buds. People sometimes disappoint me.

    I am pleased you are doing the Psalm meme. As you can see, I am giving memes a go again this year.

  5. Bright as a sun during these winter months over here.

    Thank you very much for your kind light and participation; please have a good new week ahead and please join again soon.

  6. Beautiful white agapanthus! God's love is white, pure, shining!

  7. That's a plant that I've not seen before. It looks so stately in the garden.

  8. Diane, come visit my place I could spare you are few hundred agapanthus and barely miss them!

    I love them because they have such lush green folliage to fill spaces in the garden and the flowers are a big bonus.

    Julie, it is a silly business this lopping the heads off aggies. i guess it is their fault for sticking their heads up so high.

    Susan, they like a temperate to warm climate so perhaps that is why they are not familiar to you.

    Sara, Carla, Robert and Theanne, it is so lovely to share some of our summer joy and the joy of the Psalm. I look forward to participating again next week.


  9. A fine contribution to the Sunday Psalm meme.

  10. such simple beauty in these leggy blooms!

  11. I am not sure why I am doing the memes this year. I still have the same problems as I used to have with them. I simply cannot go to a blog and say 'Nice photo'. Cannot do it. Will not do it.

    So, after just one month of memes, I am already rationalising. Woe is me ...


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