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Citrus blossom

The lime tree has given us some flowers recently.

When I first met citrus blossom
My Dad got up a 4am every morning. He told me this habit started when as a young lad he had breakfast with Grandad before he headed off with the bullock team.

Each morning summer and winter Dad lit the fire (we had a wood stove) and settled down to his business accounts. At around 6 am he collected the morning paper from the footpath, filled a teapot from the kettle now singing gently on the stove, toasted some bread over the red coals and set a tray with two tea cups. Sometimes that tray also had a flower selected from the garden, fresh with morning dew.

The tray he carried into the bedroom where Mum was waiting for her morning cuppa, once a year had the first orange blossom for the season.

I don't know the significance of that bloom in their 50 year romance but when I see citrus blossom I always think of the love they shared.

[I will add the photo of Mum that Dad carried with him throughout the war when I get a chance to dig it out.]


  1. I like lime blossom. It has a nice structure and such a 'clean' smell.

    What sort of implement did he use to hold the bread over the coals? Was it a twig from a tree with an appropriately fashioned fork, or was it from the hardward store?

    Was it home-made bread? The high-top variety?

    I await that photograph. I have the very one that my father carried with him during the war of my mother.

  2. Jasmine invokes childhood memories for me. There was a jasmine bush next to my primary school...

  3. Winam, that is interesting. I have no childhood recollections of Jasmine.

    Julie, definitely not from the hardware store, a twist of wire (a bit thicker than coat hanger wire), three prongs and a twisted handle. This was used to toast bread through the front door of the firebox. For bigger toasting jobs (like feeding five hungry kids breakfast) the plates on the top of the stove were lifted off, two pokers run along the top of the stove and bread laid on the pokers to toast. There was an electric toaster (we had only one power point in the whole house!) but fire toasted bread was always preferred.

    Never home made bread, high top bread from the bakers.

  4. That's a beautiful story.
    My old bushie/farmer Uncle Johnny used to do the same for my Aunty Glenys (probably still does).

  5. perfectly breathtaking ..yet so very simple a bloom!!

  6. That is a beautiful story! I sure wish we could grow citrus here in my area. Carla

  7. Gorgeous macro of this flower. When you post flower photos up you may want to join my Floral Friday Fotos meme:

  8. Joan, that is such a sweet story - how loving of your Dad to do that.

  9. You musta dug all the way to China by now ...


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