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Summer 2011/12

Reading this week's Psalm to see what in my garden might match a verse, the word loftiness was the one that jumped from the page.  It made me think of the Redwood growing in the neighbours yard.  It is a beautiful tree which give's us delight but is it going to be too lofty?  It's not even a teenager yet.  Look at the photo below taken 10 years ago. It can't be seen.

Summer 2001/2002
There is other things of interest in this photo about the passage of 10 years.  The neighbour's garage has grown to twice its height. Their house has sprouted dormer windows.  But perhaps more importantly, given the amount of whining I have done lately about the cold and the rain this summer. The cloud in the bottom shot is tinged with a base of red.  That's smoke from a bush fire getting uncomfortably close.

Participating in the Psalm Challenge at Athens Daily Photo.

From Psalm 48
"Great is the LORD, and most worthy of praise,
in the city of our God, his holy mountain.

Beautiful in its loftiness,
the joy of the whole earth,
like the heights of Zaphon is Mount Zion,
the city of the Great King."


  1. Rising towards the light. What hope. Thank you very much for your kind participation.

    Please have a good Sunday ahead and please join again soon.

  2. It truly likes to grow! Such a beautiful sight.

  3. i love the idea of lofty in everything
    but myself. trees, clouds, the Lord
    are all good lofty subjects.

    SO sorry to hear about your sprain.
    those painful afflictions last so long.
    elevate and ice, sweet friend.

  4. I thought your 'loftiness' was going to refer to the clouds.

    Yes, this season, the fires have been kept naturally at bay. I hope they prepare well for next summer.


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