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Seeing things in perspective

We were at Floriade during the week and it's pretty easy to be envious of such a triumph of tulips but the single lonely stem in my garden this year has given me great joy.

Psalm 73:21-24 The Message (MSG)
"When I was beleaguered and bitter,
totally consumed by envy,
I was totally ignorant, a dumb ox
in your very presence.
I’m still in your presence,
but you’ve taken my hand.
You wisely and tenderly lead me,
and then you bless me."

Participating in Psalm Challenge 73 with Robert and others over at Athen's Daily photo.


  1. You're right that all the beautiful flowers can be overwhelming at the Floriade. I do like the yellow tulips though, and how they seem to use them as a highlight.

  2. You chose an extract that have a great signification... Nice post indeed.

  3. There may be one or two pictures of flowers at my site. Just can't see that way you do. Thank you so very much for these always wonderful impressions ! This single one certainly has character.

    Thank you as well very much for your kind participation. Please have a good new week ahead.

  4. So very lovely as it reaches toward the sun.

  5. that's a beautiful phrase, "single, lonely stem."
    i'm stealing it. :)

    beautiful tulip, too!

  6. Glad I didn't miss this shot, it's beautiful!


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