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There is never a more heartening time in the garden than spring.  The calendar ticked over to spring this week but the earth told me anyway ... there are daffodils smiling cheerfully all over the place and though the nights and days are sometimes still very chilly they are interspersed with times of delightful warmth.

Psalm 69:34 King James Version (KJV)
"Let the heaven and earth praise him, the seas, and every thing that moveth therein."

Robert at Daily Athens Photo has returned from his break so I am now skipping back to the Psalm number of his weekly challenge.  This week #69.


  1. I just love daffodils. They were my mum's favourites too. Sadly too hot here for them.

  2. Love these beautiful daffodils against the lovely colours of the blurred background. Great shot, Joan.

  3. I like knowing that spring is arriving somewhere on our planet while the place I live in is looking for autumn to show her face soon....

  4. Bright as the sun. Thank you for this happiness of nature very much ! Your kind participation as well. Please have a wonderful new week ahead.

  5. What a cheerful sight as we head into autumn.

  6. i love your sweet daffodills and accompanying psalm!
    we are still in the throes of terrible summer.

  7. Ah, spring, lucky you:-)
    This is one of mye favorite flowers and a great verse from this psalm.



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