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Old fashioned flowers make me think of my Mum.  She loved them and passed on her delight to me. Even better, she passed on her love of the Lord, what a great inheritance.

Psalm 78:6-7 New International Version (NIV)
"So the next generation would know them,
even the children yet to be born,
and they in turn would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust in God
and would not forget his deeds
but would keep his commands."

Participating in Psalm Challenge 78.


  1. It is a blessing and it's a great legacy from your mother!
    Wish you a blessed Sunday and week ahead:-)

  2. Made me wonder about who's the root, who's the ground. Probably each for one another. Wonderful entry. Thank you very much for your kind participation. Please have a good new week.

  3. A true blessing in both regards.

  4. that truly is a great inheritance.
    i pray that my grandmother's
    and mother's inheritance will
    pass to my children.

  5. I guess these are new to me and I find them very pretty!

  6. We have a lot of these flowers in California, and when I drive by a yard that has them, at first glance it seems that bumblebees are buzzing around the lavender. Do you call it Spanish Lavender? I just read this on Wikipedia:
    "Since its introduction into Australia, it has become an invasive species, widely distributed within the continent. It has been declared a noxious weed in Victoria since 1920. It also is regarded as a weed in parts of Spain."

    Your picture captures beauty I've never seen in it before.

    1. Yes we call them Spanish Lavender. The funny thing is JM above says they are new to him and he lives in Portugal, perhaps they don't cross the border.

      I had not heard of them being invasive in Australia. In our garden I have had them self seed a little but nothing to be worried about. There are many more things that invade faster than lavender in my garden.

  7. The garden look so peacefull in regard to those verses... Nice, really.

    I was travelling last week, so I've just put on line my participation on the psalm 78 today :

  8. so happy to rest here today ....


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