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Growing up

In the past few weeks this baby King Parrot has been making a lot of noise calling for food but now is becoming more independent though the feathers have a way to go to before they reach the splendour of Mum and Dad ( I showed a mature male King Parrot last week ). The whole family was visiting the cherry tree. Reflection: Psalm 90: 10,12 New International Version "Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away ... Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Participating in Psalm Challenge #90 sponsored by Robert at Athens Daily Photo.

Vibrant beauty

On the railing out by the pond.  It's great to see the little birds using the shallow top pond as a washing pool again.  However, I think this bigger bird was just hoping I would give it a feed. Reflection: Psalm 89:17-18 The Message "Your vibrant beauty has gotten inside us— you’ve been so good to us! We’re walking on air! All we are and have we owe to God, Holy God of Israel, our King!" Participating in Psalm Challenge #89 with Robert at Athens Daily Photo .

A lost cause - not

Reflection #1: Psalm 88 The Message (MSG) "I’m written off as a lost cause, one more statistic, a hopeless case." Psalm 88 is unrelenting in its despondence, but here is a lesson in not giving up,  I was surprised this week to find the lemon tree I had long abandoned to the weeds producing fruit. And something else I found in the garden this week. No that is not a hose lying beside the rocks of our refurbished pond it is a Red Bellied Black Snake ... and yes it is venomous.   We are having wonderfully warm weather (not fiercely hot like in the lowlands and inland) so snakes are on the move.  I understand they like to be near water to eat frogs and lizards and there are plenty of them at the pond. It is the first time I have seen a snake in the garden. Because we have been enjoying the new tinkling pond we saw what has been no doubt lurking there all along. I will be a little more cautious when out and about in the future! Reflection #2

The fountain flows

We have been having a wonderful time in the garden doing our annual spring clean.  The paths are swept, the grass is mowed, and I have cleaned out the pond! It was firstly clogged with an aquatic plant then covered all over with green duckweed. Take a look here and here to see how bad it had become.  Even the water iris died in the end. Well I scooped out the duckweed (which appears to have killed the other weed), got the fountain flowing and stocked it with goldfish.  It has been such a delight during these hot summer days to sit on the verandah listening to the tumble of water and watching the tranquil glide of fish. Reflection: Psalm 87:7 New International Version (NIV) As they make music they will sing, “All my fountains are in you.” Participating in Psalm Challenge #87 with Robert and others at Athens Daily Photo.