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Every year around the 20th of May my wild unkempt garden transforms into a place of breathtaking beauty.

God is just as reliable in transforming wild and unkempt lives ... he changed mine.

Psalm 107:2 New King James Version (NKJV)
"Let the redeemed of the Lord say so."


  1. How wonderful, is it a late bloomer?

    1. For some reason the main colour does seem to come later in our garden and the pattern is the same every year.

      In early April the Virginia Creeper colours up and so do the Liquid Ambers over the road. By Anzac day the weeping maple at the front is generally in full colour. Then the cherries, pear and other things along the driveway begin to change until coming to a cresendo with the big maples at the end of May. The liquid amber at the bottom of the garden is last to turn, it has barely any colour yet.

      Why would liquid ambers over the road colour weeks before the one in our garden. I don't know. But friends told me that in their garden they have two trees side by side and every year one colours weeks ahead of the other.

  2. Oh my. That's so beautiful. What a welcoming spot.

  3. Breathtaking is the word. Lucky you, Joan!


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