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I have already shown shots of the firewheel tree this season.  For some reason it has flowered freely this year with some on low branches so I could get a shot in situ, which I have never been been able to do before.  It's an unusual flower which because of this week's Psalm is reminding me of crowns.

Psalm 110 The Message (MSG)
The word of God to my Lord: “Sit alongside me here on my throne until I make your enemies a stool for your feet.” You were forged a strong scepter by God of Zion; now rule, though surrounded by enemies! ... The King-Maker put his King on the throne; the True King rules with head held high!


  1. it looks like a firework display. so brilliant in color!
    i hope you are doing well!

  2. They make me happy just looking at them.


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