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I have finished the two jobs that have been chewing up my life for the past couple of months, so this weekend relaxing  ... the gardening can wait until next week.
Psalm 146:7 (New International Version)
"The Lord sets prisoners free."


  1. Fun glasses. Are you enjoying the book?

    1. Since my cateract operation I don't really need glasses just 1 x magnifiers from the drug store if I am reading a lot. So I buy cheap and cheerful.

      I looked across and noticed how nicely they matched the cover ... henc the photo :-)

      As for the book ... see my comment to Lea below.

  2. Enjoy your book . . . and thank your for the recommendation!

    1. I posted this at the beginning of the book and after reading it all today I am not sure it is recommendation. It is a light hearted and enjoyable to read, not a page turner and nothing the leave me thinking afterwards. I have enjoyed Colleen McCollough in the past, but it is a long time since I have read any of her work ... I am wondering which of us have changed. I suspect me ... I am not a literary reader but like a little more depth in the characters and richness in the writing than this delivered.


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