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Not a fool

I am not a fool but some things fool me ... like what triggers a fabulous autumn vs an ordinary one.  I read up on it a bit and it has to do with the shortening length of daylight, the coldness of the nights, dryness and whether the trees are in the sunlight (vs a shaded spot).  Another thing I can say is that around the 20th of May our garden is usually at its best.

Well nothing has gone quite right this year.  Autumn seemed to start late because we had so much rain. Then we had a cold snap.  That lit up the lovely display above, taken on the 11th of May.

Now it's dry and warm (it feels like spring around here lately)  and the other trees which would normally colour a little later have just gone brown.

So while it has not been a 'whole of garden' display this year I've gotta say that red was just plain glorious for a week or so.

Psalm 14:1 (New International Version)
"The fool says in his heart,
'There is no God.' "


  1. I was wondering about this recently because I went back to revisit a tree that was bright red two years ago but on the same date this year it had not yet turned red.

  2. This warm weather is enjoyable in a lot of ways, but even I'm impatient for the cooler weather now.

  3. What a beautiful vivid red.

  4. Oh what an awesome sight. Sometimes you just have to make time to admire the garden because by the following day things will have changed.

  5. Actually, nothing has gone right this year anywhere, but your garden looks absolutely beautiful though, Joan!

  6. The shape of that tree is fantastic.


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